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I don't like all this sex on the television. I keep falling off.

Sir James
7 April 1989
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If you're a member of the Boone Band that's frustrated with how things are handled or anything in general, join the new community, negativesofband. It's a place to vent any and all frustrations or dislikes with anything going on in band.

I'm 16. I am 6' 2" with Blond hair and blue eyes. I'm fit, and intelligent. I am a trumpet player, but do not have the infamous inflated ego. I work hard and try to stay modest. I have a love of sports and music. I am a skimboarder, granted not a very good one, but I try. I like to have fun. I support the arts, and The Everton FC in the Premiership. I like to travel, and hope to one day make it to an Everton game at Goodison Park Stadium. I like to watch DCI, and have a love for the Phantom Regiment. I don't have a political preference, just whoever I feel has the better ideals

A Marching Band Is Better Than Sex Because...

1. More than 200 people can participate comfortably.
2. You can be as loud as you want and the neighbors won't complain.
3. A video tape of it won't be considered pornographic.
4. Parents like watching their kids do it.
5. Now matter how cold it is outside you can still do it.
6. You can do it twice during the week AND on the weekends without major fatigue.
7. The more you practice the better it gets.
8. Frequent starts and stops in practice only makes the performance better.

Everton FC Is Love
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Your Mom Is Love
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The Crossmen Are Love
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Haiku by imnotacucumber
a crab was chasing
me and lightning was shooting
out of his eyes and
Haiku! by Hutta.